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When to Hire an Experienced Bookkeeper in Orange County!

Eliminate The Need For In-House Salaried Bookkeeper Service

In-house bookkeeper is expensive to hire and train when you consider benefits, paid vacation, health insurance, workmen’s compensation, and employer payroll fees.

However, hiring a part-time experienced bookkeeper can save your company thousands in payroll costs because they are considered independent contractors. Additionally they pay their own benefits, health insurance and payroll taxes. And, you hire them only when you need their bookkeeping services and never pay for any time off!

Successful business owners focus more of their
valuable time working on their business than in it!

An independent bookkeeper in Orange County usually performs invoicing functions, bank statement reconciliations, verifies accounts payable invoices are accurate, pay bills, calculates payroll, runs financial reports, prepares accurate accounting numbers for your tax preparer, and counsel business owners about how to read financials and assists with budget management.

Hiring an experienced bookkeeper will eliminate the need to perform these functions yourself. The more time a business owner spends on bookkeeping functions, the less time they have to devote to other important business functions. Like focusing on bringing in new customers!

Experienced bookkeepers are skilled at finding errors!

Most business owners waste thousands per year on various accounting variables such as overpayments, late fees, overdraft fees, increased interest rates due to paying bills late, expensive CPA fees, overpayment of taxes due to incorrect posting of tax exempt categories, un-reconciled bank statement errors, tax audit penalties and late fees due to poor record keeping, payroll overpayments and calculation errors, Workmen’s compensation calculation errors, consumer theft, and employee theft.

Hiring an ethical bookkeeper in Orange County, who is not a salaried employee, provides the confidentiality every business owners needs when it comes to their financial status. And it puts a professional bookeeper on your side to watch your money and ensure it is growing and safe!

Cash Flow protection, stabilization and growth

Keeping your invoicing current, accounts receivables managed, carefully budgeting your accounts payables, coupled with the cash savings of hiring an experienced part time bookkeeper to watch and manage your money, is the key to increase and grow your cash flow.

Safekeeping of Accounting Records

Many small business owners fail to back up their bookkeeping records and receipts. An experienced bookkeeper knows the importance of this, especially in the event of an audit and can help you arrange an offsite back up system.


“In every business owners life…there is always that moment in time when they realize it is costing them more to do their bookkeeping services themselves. When that moment comes be sure you know how to make the right decision for you and your business!”
-Lenore Rabinowitz

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