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When To Look For Bookkeeper Service in Orange County?

  • Working long hours in order to keep up with accounting and office paperwork?
  • Too little time to focus on generating new customers, servicing the ones you have with no time left to focus on your company’s growth?
  • Find your invoicing is often behind affecting your cash flow?
  • Long work hours are interfering with your free time?
  • Paying more taxes than you think you should be?
  • Currently paying higher CPA fees to do your record keeping.
  • Incurring late fees and increased interest rates because your bills inadvertently are not being sent out on time affecting your credit score?
  • Never really sure how much money you have in the bank or how much you have in receivables or if those receivables are current?
  • When you have that moment of realization that it is
    costing your more to do it yourself and your time would be better spent on growing your business.

Lenore Rabinowitz is a bookkeeper in Orange County with 55 years experience. She has excellent references. 

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